Student Success

June 30, 2021

Passion joined JOG in the Spring of 2019. She was shy but held high expectations for her future. In order to succeed, she knew that she needed to become more assertive and determined. Passion and her specialist have worked hard to combat her challenges to success and overcome those barriers that were holding her back. Passion started coming out of her shell with each lesson and soon began engaging in discussions with other JOG participants. Soon, she became an ACTIVE member of JOG. In December of 2019, Passion began working within a JOG subsidized employment opportunity with a local daycare. Passion received glowing reviews from the owner and continues to thrive at her employment opportunity provided through JOG. Passion has recently accepted an opportunity to continue her education at Randolph Makin University and looks forward to living her life engaged and with PASSION! We look forward to what the future holds for her!