Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates helps youth with multiple barriers to success complete their education and successfully transition to employment at a livable wage or post-secondary job training.

For 23

Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates has met or exceeded the 5 national standards set by Jobs for America’s Graduates for academic success and employability.

JOG has served more than 30,000 at-risk youth since 1987.


Annually, JOG helps 1,000+ at-risk youth transitioning from school to work in Northeast Ohio.

JOG Performance Outcomes:


Graduated High School


Secured Job Placement


Secured Full-time Jobs


Experienced Positive Outcomes


Full-time Engagement

(Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2021)

The JAG Advantage…

is based on the promise that JAG will deliver student-centered programs to help young people achieve their fullest potential. The JAG Advantage has three components: Project-Based Learning, Trauma Informed Care, and Employer Engagement.

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