Our Events

Mission Statement

Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates (JOG) will instill in its clients the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and habits necessary to become successful, contributing members of American society.

The organization will further facilitate the advancements of its clients through a planned program which:

  1. Focuses first on the completion of high school or its educational equivalent.
  2. Anticipates and responds to regional employment trends.
  3. Brokers positive relationships in both the public and private sectors, and
  4. Becomes a telling presence in the communities in which it resides to more ably advocate the mutual needs of the community and the clients
    that it serves.

JOG Achievements

  1. National High Performance Award - 21 Consecutive years for Graduation and Jobs.
  2. Youth Program Excellence Award - Workforce Investment Act State of Ohio.
  3. Numerous Above and Beyond Awards -Jobs for America’s Graduates.

Annual Leadership Development Conference

Personal Development, Team Dynamics, Goal Setting and Attainment sessions are led by national and local leading motivators. This is a one of a kind Professional Day led by professionals who mentor and drive young people towards success. Leadership from different perspectives is discussed in a series of sessions culminating in a professional luncheon.

Career Development Conference

Allows each competitor to showcase his or her knowledge and skills in one of twelve events centered on the Soft Skills required to get and keep a quality job. While not competing, the youth are involved in one of three career development workshops. Hundreds of kids participate each year.

Dozens of community volunteers and professionals mentor, judge and inspire participants in career development sessions and competitions.

Community Engagement & Participation

  • Dozens of Community Volunteers (Professionals)
  • Corporate Participation and Support from local banks like PNC and national companies like AT&T
  • Community Foundation support and participation from GAR, Akron Community Foundation, OMNOVA Solutions, Margaret Clark Morgan, and others

Contact JOG at 330-374-9445 for more information and sponsorship opportunities!

Conference Sponsor:

  • Logo on John S. Knight Convention Center street marquee for one week.
  • Logo on John S. Knight Conference Center video displays, day of event.
  • Logo featured on conference program.
  • Naming rights to a single competition of your choice.
  • Judge event with your own staff, if desired.
  • Presentation from your company during opening session.
  • Presentation from your company during lunch.
  • Career Development Workshop by your company.
  • Ten complimentary lunches for your staff and guests.

Lunch Sponsor:

  • Lunch presentation for your company.
  • Career Development Workshop by your company.
  • Logo featured on the conference program.
  • Four complimentary lunches for your staff and guests.