Why Choose Us?

Mission Statement

Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates (JOG) will instill in its clients the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and habits necessary to become successful, contributing members of American society.

The organization will further facilitate the advancements of its clients through a planned program which:

  1. Focuses first on the completion of high school or its educational equivalent.
  2. Anticipates and responds to regional employment trends.
  3. Brokers positive relationships in both the public and private sectors, and
  4. Becomes a telling presence in the communities in which it resides to more ably advocate the mutual needs of the community and the clients
    that it serves.

JOG Programs

  • High School Dropout Prevention, Retention & Graduation leading to Jobs
  • Out of School / Dropout Recovery
  • Employment Resource Centers
  • Summer & Year long work experience
  • Middle School Academic & Career Pathways
  • Leadership & Career Development Conferences

About Us

Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates (JOG) consistently produces outstanding results, surpassing the national standards set by Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) in 5 categories for 23 consecutive years:

  • Graduation Rate-Exceeded 90% Standard
  • Positive Outcomes Rate—Exceeded 80% Standard
  • Full Time Jobs Rate-Exceeded 60% Standard
  • Aggregate Jobs Rates-Exceeded 60% Standard
  • Full-time Placement Rate-Exceeded 80% Standard

People Served:

  • In 2014 JAG served its One Millionth Student!
  • Assisted thousands of youth transitioning from school to work since the mid-1980’s in Summit/Medina area.

Staff Values:

  • Solid work ethic
  • Responsible citizenship
  • Life-long learning
  • Productive lives

Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates (JOG) is a nonprofit charity serving youth in Summit and Medina Counties. JOG is an affiliate agency of Job’s for Ohio’s Graduates, Inc., a state affiliate of Job’s for America's Graduates (JAG), headquartered in Washington D.C. JOG’s curriculum, instruction, Career Association and Service Learning activities emphasize the perfection of soft skills and are credited for graduates’ successful placement, retention and advancement in the workplace.