Future Participants

As a single mom I didn’t think I could afford going to college and expand my education, when I went into JOG, they were more than happy to see me and help me out in any when they could. I am now going to school to become a CMA with NO debt! They are all amazing and I couldn’t thank them enough. They are truly life changing.

– Alissa

The landscaping job JOG provided me, gave me the opportunity of a lifetime! I got to work with two of my closest friends, learning skills we can use in everyday life. I even got to learn the importance of money and how to manage and save better.

– Samantha


Acquire valuable knowledge through Project-Based Learning and classroom instruction. Enhance your communication, life survival, organization, and decision making abilities.


Serve as an officer for your local Career Association. Participate in activities that help develop, practice, and refine skills that you need for personal, academic, and career success!


Become college and career ready and participate in life changing experiences through your JAG program. Attain quality employment and begin your life’s journey!


JOG helps young people succeed both in school and on-the-job, leading to a productive and rewarding career. We provide academic intervention including GED and high school equivalency (HSE) assistance in addition to counseling, employment readiness, leadership and career development, job, and post-secondary educational placement to help you achieve your educational and career goals! Whether you are in school or out of school, JOG is here and ready to assist you on your journey. Ready to learn more? Complete the sign up below, and a representative from Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates will be in touch with you shortly.

Work Opportunities

Participants who enroll in Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates are eligible to participate in a paid work experience. We will pair you with an employer who will meet you where you are at and understands your interests and future ambitions. It is a great way for you to gain work skills, along with some general knowledge of an industry. Employers offer their time and expertise to provide you the knowledge and understanding of the world of work while you earn quality experience and money.