Pamela Crombie

Assistant Director & Program Manager
  • Bachelor of Science – Kent State University – Intervention Specialist, Mild-Moderate\
  • Accomplishments – Goodwill Employee of Distinction Nominee, JAG High Performance Award, Peak Performance Award, JAG National Trainer, & Medina County Outstanding Community Advocate nomination.

I direct, develop and coordinate programming initiatives as it applies to our young adults, staff and our organization, between the four counties we serve. Research and provide strategic guidance, develop/implement policy as it relates to our programs, compliance and funding streams. Support the organization by training employees and/or providing technical assistance to ensure participants are gaining all necessary resources and program components as it is applicable.

It is difficult to pick a favorite success story after years of working with hundreds of students or learning of their stories from staff. Collectively, they are all my favorite. Opportunity is everything- and I’m grateful that I am a small part of an organization that strives to provide opportunities for the young adults we serve. It is absolutely amazing to watch the transformation while they are in the program to years after being in the program. Our young adults are simply awesome!

Outside of work you are most likely to find me spending time with my twin boys, who I love more than anything! ☺ I love being outdoors (mostly in nicer weather-not the biggest fan of winter), love to dance, workout, scrapbook and cook/bake.