How to Land the Interview

June 25, 2018

Finding a job is hard. Being hired for the job is not any easier. As the digital age continues to develop, we are seeing more and more impersonal job-seeking processes. The applicant almost never meets the hiring manager, and is only represented through the application, resume, and let us not forget, the cover letter.  Times are changing, and it is time we catch up. According to an informal survey of local human resource departments (HR) in Akron, managers are generally not satisfied with applications they are receiving, and most of them believe entry-level job applicants do not try their best on the job application.

Did you know leaving the ‘past jobs’ section blank on an application gives the impression that you did not complete the application? Just because your resume is included, does not mean the HR manager does not want to see the application fully completed. Completing the application, as well as all its accompanying parts is very important and gives a sign of commitment according to HR representatives.

Now that the online application is prominent, it is important to let your talents, accomplishments, and goals shine through the application and supporting documents. The application should highlight transferable skills and experience. Use words that were used in the job description. This way you will always stay in alignment with what the employer is looking for.  In terms of your resume, it should be clear and concise. Some tips to a great resume are as follows: make sure your resume is one full page, always start bullet points with an action word, and convert your resume to a PDF before sending it to employers to avoid changes made to the document. Finally, yet importantly, your cover letter should consist of showing off your assets and abilities. Let them know what the job means to you and how it aligns with your goals.

As the survey reports show, HR managers are demanding more out of applicants. Most of the managers surveyed suggested they are extremely dissatisfied with job candidates resumes. Karen Peters, the Internship & Student Services Specialist at Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University, suggests job seekers “Have an organized, clear layout, make sure to proof read it, and have someone else proof read it too. List the highlights of what you did at that job, especially if it applies to a job your applying for.”

The job application process is changing and job candidates need to take a new approach.